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forex axis

The online customer care portal helps in easy management of cards from all over the world at any point of time. When compared to the exchange rates at airport currency counters, you may save up to 10%. To apply for this card, you don’t need to be an existing customer of Axis Bank. You can reload and use it in as many trips as wanted in this time period. It is less expensive and comes with fewer charges than that of credit or debit cards.

Our Multi-Currency prepaid forex card can be loaded with multiple currencies. It offers convenient, hassle-free payments to make foreign travel a memorable experience. The BookMyForex YES Bank Prepaid Card is a recently launched co-branded foreign travel card.

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With the best rates in India and exemplary service, I always felt I got the best of both worlds – a premium service at the best possible cost. Contact your Axis Bank relationship manager or Axis Bank branch now and ask for activation of the facility. Corporates have a provision to select which individual users from their organization have access to FxConnect on Mobile. After completing the transaction, you can check the status of the transaction by clicking on the ‘Forex Card’ tab and then selecting the ‘Transaction History’ option.

Our Multi-Currency Forex Cards Are Just Like Your Debit Cards. Only Better…

In case of any suspected/unauthorized transaction, contact your forex card customer care as soon as possible. International Debit Cards can also be used for cash withdrawals and also widely acceptable. Credit Cards generally charge a high forex markup fee on international transactions.

They can be similar only in terms of their benefits, but a forex card is much different from that of a credit card. One of MakemyTrip’s best forex cards India is the SBM bank-issued TripMoney Global Cash Card. It provides financial support to overseas travelers and reduces the cost of currency exchange. People who want to handle their cash and cards online are the target market for the Tripmoney Global cash card.

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It is a secure and simple means of holding and transacting foreign currencies. A forex card is a kind of prepaid card in which you can load money to spend in a foreign currency. Using a forex card, you can not only make online purchases is a different currency, but you can also withdraw cash in a foreign currency of your choice, provided that your card supports that currency. Many people think that forex cards are similar to credit cards, but it is not so.

The remaining cash on the card can be used to do retail transactions in India through the INR wallet. This card is accepted in India and globally at over 30 million shopping outlets and more than 1 lakh online stores. The most secure forex card so that you do not have to worry about anything at all. AxiTrader Limited is amember of The Financial Commission, an international organization engaged in theresolution of disputes within the financial services industry in the Forex market. We are extremely proud of our global reputation for reliability, trustworthiness, customer service and client satisfaction.

With the locked-in exchange rate feature users can save up to 4% on exchange rates besides avoiding extra fees per transaction. In case of loss/theft of Axis Multi-Currency forex card, you can get assistance with one call. The tripassist feature allows you to block your card, get emergency cash to pay your bills and get assistance on your lost passport. No, you don’t need to buy a new prepaid travel card every time you travel abroad.

The card aims at providing its customers with hassle-free international travel experiences. Not only this but it supports multiple currencies, making it even more convenient for you to travel to different countries without any worries about finding a currency conversion center there. Along with all these features, the card also offers several great deals and discounts across different categories. You may refer to this article for more information on Axis Bank club Vistara Forex Card. A multi-currency forex card is a pre-paid card that you can load with multiple currencies. The card works like a debit card, so you can make payments overseas with it instead of using cash.


And with Wise you will always get the real exchange rate that you see on Google. That’s why over 7 million customers around the world choose Wise. You must choose the best option among all the forex cards and decide after that as it will throw a light on your business history. Some card may have higher fees, or some cards are of single currency while others are multiple currencies, some might be best for students while some for travelers who are traveling abroad. Unlike credit or debit cards, you can load multiple foreign currencies. If you are traveling from country-to-country Forex card helps you load the currency you need in your card.

As long as your currency wallets are loaded, you can spend using your card and the respective local currency will be deducted. The 16 different currencies that can be loaded and spent are covered in the last section. Once you are signed up, you can just go online or log into the Axis bank app to load your wallet whenever you need. When you load your account, you will be shown the given currency’s exchange rate for Indian Rupees, and you can purchase the amount that you’d like.

  • 24×7 emergency assistance by TripAssist in case of loss of card/money.
  • This feature is essential if you plan to visit several countries during your trip.
  • ICICI Sapphiro Prepaid Forex Card does not have any reward structure as it is not a credit card.
  • The content on this site is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional financial advice.

This article will throw light on different types of forex cards, unique features, application process and more. The ICICI Bank Coral Prepaid Forex Card is one of the best forex cards India, and it is available only for transactions involving foreign currencies. It is a prepaid card, thus before using it for foreign exchange transactions, you must fill the card with one of the supported foreign currencies. The card is also accepted in duty-free shops in all of India’s international airports. Although the card doesn’t have a reward system , you still get a lot of extra advantages like cinema tickets, insurance covers, taxi vouchers, etc. As the name suggests, these are prepaid cards, i.e., unlike credit cards, you need to load some balance on these cards before you can make any purchases.

Best Forex Cards India (

Because the card can be easily reloaded directly via Internet Banking or from the Axis Mobile app. Or else just give a duly signed authorisation letter to a family member who can reload for you. You can use it for your tuition fee, rent & all other daily expenses through POS or online transactions.

forex axis

It is important to take note of the date that each rate was last updated. There are multiple options before you choose a good forex account as per your need. The bank issue these cards at a very low price ranging from Rs 150 to Rs200. With the new 3D Secure authentication available on the Card, you can protect your online transactions. Cab voucher worth up to Rs. 1,000 on loading USD 1,000 on the card. The power and global reach of the VisaNet system to help prevent fraudulent transactions.

To transfer money from your Axis Bank forex card to your bank account, you need to log in to your Axis Bank internet banking account. If you do not have an internet banking account, then you can register for one by visiting the Axis Bank website. A cash advance transaction fee of 0.5% of the transaction amount is also applicable axes broker on cash withdrawals using the card. A cash withdrawal fee of USD 2.25 is charged every time you withdraw cash from an ATM using your Axis Bank Multi-Currency Forex Card. A cross currency fee is charged on a Forex Card when you want to make a transaction in a different currency from what you loaded onto your card.

Choose a forex card that supports the currencies of the countries you visit. This way, you won’t need to plan for cash each time you pass a border or worry about exchange rate changes. Each card has unique perks and disadvantages, so you can select which suits your requirements. The Axis Bank forex card offers emergency assistance and a miles program. Using Mastercard’s contactless technology, the card offers quick and secure payments. With the Wise Travel forex card, you can enjoy a better exchange rate and lower fees than your bank.

Since it is a Goibibo co-branded card, you get many Goibibo exclusive benefits with the card like goCash+ gift voucher worth Rs. 500 and Goibibo vouchers worth Rs. 15,000 with the card as a welcome gift. Check out this article for more details on Goibibo ICICI Forex Card. Axis bank forex cards only support a limited amount of currencies. Charges fees for signing up, reloading and cash withdrawals from ATMs other than those operated by Axis Bank. The Axis Bank Forex Card is widely accepted in all retail outlets and online retailers that accept MasterCard or Visa credit and debit cards.

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