Is 360 Security Legit?

360 protection is a decent antivirus that includes a variety of tools to help you secure your computer. It offers ransomware security, shopping and webcam security, a sandbox and keylogger blocking, as well as numerous PC maintenance functions (speeding up your system, cleaning rubbish files or making the setup teamviewer vpn Wireless connection safer).

The product uses the Bitdefender and Avira engines, so that it should be quite strong in spy ware detection and phishing safety. However , this didn’t do very well in the lab tests conducted by simply AV-Test, as well as performance lags behind those of top rivals.

Nevertheless, the product’s free of charge version is certainly impressive due to its a comprehensive portfolio of features. It has a extremely good firewall that can detect and block out fileless hits, a data shredder that firmly erases confidential files, slated system cleaning, anti-tracking, privileged usage of tech support and more. Additionally, it has good ransomware security that stops changes to your files and includes a decryption tool in case you get hit with the bad cryptolocker.

Nevertheless , its anti virus protection is not really on par with the best out there: inside my testing this detected 85% of vicious files, which isn’t very bad nonetheless doesn’t come close to the 100 percent mark realized by standalone variations of Bitdefender and Avira. Its phishing protection, however, was much better and placed dangerous URLs at bay with almost excellent efficiency. It has the worth bringing up that you can only use the key antivirus features on the totally free plan; additional functions such as the Document Bienhechor have to be downloaded within the app.

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