AI Programming: 5 Most Popular AI Programming Languages

Now it’s time to explore some of the most effective AI programming languages used in development. TensorFlow.js is a JavaScript framework for training and deploying machine learning models in the browser and Node.js. This library aims to build machine learning models for mobile, desktop, cloud, and web. Other JavaScript frameworks you can use for your AI projects are Brain.js, ConvNetJS, and Neataptic. JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language used to create dynamic websites. You can build dynamic web pages and also develop web applications with this language.

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5 Ways AI is Transforming Education.

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Started in 2003 in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, our Development Company operates on a Global Scale in Asia, Europe, and America. Dirox’s team of technology consultants, business gurus, software & apps coders, and design visionaries bring you innovative solutions on time, on budget, and on quality. We strive to bring you the best IT outsourcing & offshore services. Overall Julia is the most viable choice for developing AI applications that require high numerical computational power.


This is the most popular programming language for AI, which can be read more about here, and it is always the top choice for developers. Java is one of the most popular
programming languages in the world. You can use Java for developing best programming languages for artificial intelligence machine learning algorithms,
deep learning frameworks, and other tools. Java is also the most widely used programming language by all developers and programmers to develop machine learning solutions and enterprise development.

  • Learn programming fundamentals and core concepts of Java, the most widely used programming language.
  • Below are 10 options to consider and how they can benefit your smart projects.
  • Conceived in 2009 at MIT, Julia aimed to fix some of these problems.
  • It’s Python’s user-friendliness more than anything else that makes it the most popular choice among AI developers.
  • It offers excellent production value and smooth integration with all key analytic frameworks.
  • If you are planning a career in AI, I would highly recommend that you start learning a programming language first.

It stands for “Programming in logic.” The language is based on a few basic mechanisms like pattern matching and automatic backtracking. It was made in the 1970s by a French computer scientist named Alain Colmerauer. If you want pure functionality above all else, Haskell is a good programming language to learn.

Best Programming Languages for AI Development in 2022

C++ is an advantageous language as it translates user code into computer-readable machine code. You can use frameworks like TensorFlow and Caffe are written in C++ to build AI projects. These languages have been consistently favoured by developers and hence, their usage and community have grown.

best programming languages for artificial intelligence

Its rapid processing speed makes it of particular interest to complex machine learning models as it allows them to run with high efficiency. It generates a compact code allowing modules to run with high efficiency. It is a statically typed language which means type errors don’t appear during runtime. C++ also offers dynamic load balancing, adaptive caching, memory management and a host of other features that make it a highly favoured AI programming language. Python is a high-level, general-purpose, highly readable, and easy-to-learn programming language. Its simple syntax and object-oriented programming help produce the most complex AI programs.

Artificial Intelligence MCQ

Thanks to AI libraries written in JavaScript, you can develop AI applications without the need for another programming language. With AI, JavaScript developers can build smarter web applications. Python is a syntax-easy, general-purpose, interpretive, and object-oriented programming language.

Is Python good for AI?

Python is the major code language for AI and ML. It surpasses Java in popularity and has many advantages, such as a great library ecosystem, Good visualization options, A low entry barrier, Community support, Flexibility, Readability, and Platform independence.

The TensorFlow.js demo section provides a list of examples of AI programs and their accompanying code, all running in-browser. The Deeplearning4j GitHub provides a variety of examples of how the library operates and how to start coding using its tools. The examples page showcases many implementations of the library, from training a neural network to remember a string of characters, to deciphering captchas.

Is Java or C++ better for AI?

Originally published on Towards AI the World’s Leading AI and Technology News and Media Company. If you are building an AI-related product or service, we invite you to consider becoming an AI sponsor. Though it may come as a surprise, software engineering and writing go hand-in-hand. Nowadays, cloud technology makes it so chatbots have a whole store of data to access new and old information, meaning chatbots are worlds more intelligent than in the time of Prolog. In AI development, data is crucial, so if you want to analyze and represent data accurately, things are going to get a bit mathematical. Yet, in practice, C++’s capacity for low-level programming makes it perfect for handling AI models in production.

best programming languages for artificial intelligence

For someone new to the field, it can also be difficult to determine the most popular language or in-demand programming languages. Here is a look at seven of the most popular and widely-used primary languages to help you pick one to get started with. Eventually, the type of project you will be working on determines your programming language of choice. Java is also a relatively secure and scalable language, making it an excellent choice for large-scale applications. Java’s benefits and easy to learn code make it one of the most excellent programming languages available when it comes to artificial intelligence. Java is also a good choice, but it’s more challenging to learn.


However, it did lay the foundation for earl AI development and remains a great language to learn for a primer on how the world of Artificial Intelligence evolved. Thanks to its Virtual Machine Technology, Java is exceedingly easy to implement on a variety of platforms. This means that once you AI application is written and compiled on one platform, you can run it on other platforms easily with the write once run anywhere methodology. That is why a majority of the open-source big-data stack is written in Java Virtual Machine. Even when it comes to natural language processing which is so integral to user experience today, Python has an edge thanks to tools like SpaCy and NTLK. With Haskell, code reusability comes in handy for the developers along with other features like type system and memory management.

best programming languages for artificial intelligence

If you have any other programming language which is great for AI or got language support, libraries and eco-system for AI and Machine Learning then please share. It is widely used among programmers and is relatively easy to learn and use with the right masters and techniques. Udemy C++ course is always a cherry on the cake for the students to learn C++ code as their specially qualified teachers is expert to teach you C++ from beginning to end quickly.

Is C++ better than Python for AI?

Some developers love using LISP because it’s fast and allows for rapid prototyping and development. LISP and AI go way back — it was developed in the 1950s as a research platform for AI, making it highly suited for effectively processing symbolic information. C++ isn’t always the first choice for AI-focused applications, but it’s so widely used throughout the industry that it’s worth mentioning. This language runs and executes very efficiently, but the trade-off is that it’s more complex to write. This makes C++ a great choice for resource-intensive applications, where it is occasionally used in combination with other languages to build AI-focused applications. He is a Project Manager at TriState Technology having the past experience as an iOS developer who loves exploring everything that’s in latest trend!.

best programming languages for artificial intelligence

C++ also offers a lot of library support for machine learning. Lisp (also introduced by John McCarthy in 1958) is a family of programming languages with a long history and a distinctive, parenthesis-based syntax. It was originally created for artificial intelligence research. Today, Lisp is used in a variety of applications, including scripting and system administration. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in artificial intelligence (AI), you’ll need to know how to code. This article will provide you with a high-level overview of the best programming languages and platforms for AI, as well as their key features.


Neural networks are critical to computers making decisions similar to human decisions. Some successful projects made with Lisp are Routinic, Grammarly, and DART. Though it has its drawbacks, Lisp is still a promising programming language for AI development. Java’s Virtual Machine Technology helps the developers build a single version of an app that they can run on other Java-based platforms. Developers can also work on the graphics and interfaces, making them more appealing with the Standard Widget Toolkit.

Can you make an AI with C++?

AI Programming With C++

It executes code quickly, making it an excellent choice for machine learning and neural network applications. Many AI-focused applications are relatively complex, so using an efficient programming language like C++ can help create programs that run exceptionally well.

Some languages that may not be ideal for AI development can still be used with other languages better suited for the task. For example, languages such as PHP or Ruby are not considered suitable for AI development as standalone. Still, they can be used with Python or Java to build AI applications requiring web integration or database connectivity. There are limitations to C++ because the standard library is small, and it doesn’t support garbage collection. Although you have better efficiency of control, large C++ projects are hard to maintain and time-consuming to develop. That might be the main reason why most people avoid C++ in AI programming.

  • You need to be able to generate executable code in a format that can be run on the operating systems your computing hardware uses.
  • Though it has its drawbacks, Lisp is still a promising programming language for AI development.
  • AI is now deciding for us what to watch, what to listen to, and what to buy.
  • Artificial intelligence is bringing changes to the whole world, and it’s here to stay.
  • Julia is a good language for big data and large-scale projects because it can be used to run on databases like Hadoop and Spark and can be easily distributed across multiple machines.
  • AI or Artificial Intelligence is the study of computer science on developing software or machines that perform tasks at a human level or higher.

The language has more than 6,000 built-in functions for symbolic computation, functional programming, and rule-based programming. This post lists the ten best programming languages for AI development in 2022. For server-side application development, Java is undoubtedly king.

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Learning to code takes on a new meaning as AI shakes up ….

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In addition, Python works best for natural language processing (NLP) and AI programs because of its rich text processing features, simple syntax, and scripting with a modular design. Companies are constantly looking to deploy better AI solutions. According to IDC, the AI market will surpass $500 billion by 2024 with a five-year CAGR of 17.5 percent and total revenue of $554.3 billion. However, the first step towards creating efficient solutions is choosing the best programming languages for AI software. Python is the most used programming language to develop AI applications.

  • For example, developers utilize C++ to create neural networks from the ground up and translate user programming into machine-readable codes.
  • Raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he’s a musician who loves languages (those you use to talk to people) and dancing.
  • You can build dynamic web pages and also develop web applications with this language.
  • It runs directly in the browser and gives developers a lot of additional options.
  • Due to the flexible nature of Python, it can be used for AI development.
  • SHARK supports linear regression and other supervised learning algorithms.

Artificial intelligence programming hinges on quick execution and fast runtimes, both of which happen to be Java’s superpowers. It offers excellent production value and smooth integration with all key analytic frameworks. Just like Java, JavaScript is also an ideal match for AI development. However, it is used to develop more secure and dynamic websites. While Python is suitable for developers who don’t like coding, JavaScript is for those who don’t mind it.

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