15 best software development vendors in Eastern Europe

Here at ProCoders, we can vouch for the energy and resources you’ll find in the Ukraine tech market. Rehan is an entrepreneur, business graduate, content strategist and editor overseeing contributed content at BigdataShowcase. His areas of interest include digital business strategy and strategic decision making. The most influential and successful companies invest heavily in VR development. Start using the most relevant information about this sphere shared by the best VR development companies in Eastern Europe.

vr developer in easter europe

About 35K tech specialists graduate from Ukrainian tech universities every year. The majority of software developers in Ukraine have bachelor’s degrees and speak English on Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels. The range varies depending on the city, years of experience and skill set.

Average Software Developer Salaries: Rates Comparison by Country

With more than 140,000 IT pros, 450 consulting firms, and 15,000 IT graduates coming out of their education system every year, Poland is a major force in outsourcing in Eastern Europe. Because of this, clients may find that Poland’s prices for developers, both hourly and as an annual salary, are not as low as they might find in other Eastern Europe software development companies. And increasingly, top software development companies in Eastern Europe are taking the lead.

vr developer in easter europe

Other countries in Asia, such as Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia, are also gaining ground and offer similar software development services. Along with India, China is of the most affordable countries to outsource software development to. While the average hourly rates are $19–$38, junior developers can be hired for as low as $12 per hour while seniors may want as much as $40 per hour for their job.

Software development in Eastern Europe: Top countries to outsource IT projects

Bulgaria is home to over 170 engineering vendors specializing in delivering tech solutions predominantly for manufacturing, finance, and e-commerce domains. Python closes the top three of most common technologies among developers in Eastern Europe. Along with Ukraine and Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Hungary are other countries that house most Python developers. Custom Software Development Build a custom solution, modernize your system, or solve a specific business issue with our end-to-end software solution development services.

vr developer in easter europe

The number of open job postings for IoT developers is skyrocketing on Indeed.com and LinkedIn.com and there’s a definite shortage of qualified experts. A leading UK fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing , has chosen N-iX for staff augmentation to increase the speed-to-market of their e-commerce solutions. Such international enterprises as Fluke, Gogo, Currencycloud, and many Fortune 500 companies are among our clients. With 26,000+ CS students getting their degree each year, the country is the leader in the number of tech course graduates. In these terms, Poland and Romania follow Ukraine with over 12,000 and 8,000+ graduates, respectively. When handling business with a partner that shares similar values, you minimize the risk of miscommunication at work.

If we speak about tech and industry expertise in Eastern Europe, software development outsourcing comes in all forms and shapes. So, for your convenience, we have analyzed the companies’ websites for their technological competencies, industry expertise, and public case studies that describe the projects they have delivered. Also, we considered certifications, partnerships, and the biggest clients. Slovakia has greatly boosted its engineering potential since it joined the EU in 2004. In 2021, the country appeared in the 44th position in the Bloomberg Innovation rating. Moreover, Slovakia has earned a reputation for the high quality of the local engineering services.

Software Development in Eastern Europe [Epic Overview]

Eastern European developers have a good knowledge of English and effectively use it in corporate communication. Romania and Poland are the region’s leaders reaching 16th and 17th positions on the list. Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic also enter the top 30 of the rating, with an average level of English estimated as high.

  • Meanwhile, in Poland, you can find a lot of C#, Python, and JavaScript software developers.
  • So you actually pay for the services of real experts with a lot of knowledge and practical skills they have been gaining for years.
  • In fact, Prague, Brno, and Ostravia have become a popular choice for companies looking to outsource development in Eastern Europe, while enjoying the country’s low-cost of living/low hourly and project rates.
  • Such events are conducted on customers demand when some questions need to be discussed directly.
  • Here at ProCoders, we can vouch for the energy and resources you’ll find in the Ukraine tech market.
  • So, for your convenience, we have analyzed the companies’ websites for their technological competencies, industry expertise, and public case studies that describe the projects they have delivered.

According to the KPMG survey, the global shortage of technology skills is soaring. There are more than 250,000 open jobs for software engineers in the United States only. javascript engineer salary The vendor’s specialists are skilled in cloud solutions development, business intelligence, big data and data analytics,IoT,embedded systems implementation, and more.

Argentinian Developer Hourly Rates

For example, at Altamira team we have certified specialists that perform coding, testing and project management. They constantly visit new courses, broaden their knowledge base and skill set to build modern projects following high industrial standards. This proved that the tech hub is tremendous and that there are specialists of many different qualifications. The rates of leading specialists in Bulgaria are around $38-60 which makes the outsourcing quite affordable and yet extremely professional. Such companies as CISCO and SAP already partnered with Bulgarian companies. 101 agencies with services focused on business development and automation, consulting, cybersecurity and design.

vr developer in easter europe

Their robust quality orientation and cross-technology expertise guarantee on-time project completion. This top-rated software development company located in Eastern Europe equips startups with teams of dedicated engineers since 2002. ITechArt Group enables them to scale from MVP to becoming a scalable and promising product. Here is another pretty renowned company that offers software development in Eastern Europe. They have a very strong pool of technical experts with robust expertise who can augment your in-house workforce. Yalantis is considered one of the most-rated companies and delivers the best software development in Eastern Europe.

Software developers in Eastern Europe: Differences

Eastern Europe is a happy medium where you can hire high-quality offshore developers with lower rates without compromising the quality of the product. The region is well-known for its density of software developers with an impressive 1.3 developers per 100 people. Currently, the IT industry in the region has about 1 million software developers in Eastern Europe, making it a lucrative software development outsourcing destination. The hourly rates of developers in different Eastern European countries vary slightly because of the different costs of living, but it does not impact the quality.

#5 Diverse industry specialization

Software developers’ salary rates in Eastern European countries let us understand that the hourly rates are also lower than those in the US, the UK, Germany, etc. For instance, the US medium hourly rate is $45-80, the UK – $30-70, and Germany – $32-75. The statistics at PayScale show that the average software developer salary in the US is around $75000 and goes up to $ a year. This software development outsourcing Eastern Europe giant has more than 3000 professionals on board with a headquarters in the Czech Republic and offices in Ukraine and Slovakia. This is another gem among the Eastern Europe software development companies as it mainly focuses on building digital solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

As a result, Ukraine has gone nine positions up on the EF EPI list since 2019. Clutch lists more than 200 midsize and large engineering companies in Eastern Europe. Rather than small vendors, larger companies usually have optimized development processes and available resources to scale.

Let’s explore the best Eastern European software development service companies together. There are 50+ software development enterprises in the Moldavian market, around 20 of which staff more than 250 employees. Moldavian developers have considerable experience in delivering solutions for e-commerce, consumer products and services, and finance industries. Offshoring to Eastern Europe allows you to access tech experts of all specializations and qualification levels. The local labor market is diverse, so you will be able to quickly find a candidate for a managing or technical role in your team.

xperience is a Leading AR/VR Studio in Poland in Clutch’s 2019 Research

When you invest in Outsource development in Eastern Europe, you’re investing in consultants who understand your world of work. At ProCoders, we’ve made it our business to be an IT consulting firm that connects clients from all over the world with the best programming talent Ukraine has to offer. We’re based in Kharkiv, one of the country’s thriving tech centers, but we work hard to make sure our clients feel like we’re practically next door. We have been enabling companies from all over the world to close their talent gaps for more than 22 years now by giving them direct access to software developers in Ukraine. Our experts would love to tell you more about what we do and why we are good at it, so don’t hesitate to get in touch below. 66% of Dutch and 77% of German tech businesses outsource software development to Eastern Europe.

Post production maintenance of the app, as the part of Virtual Reality costs, depend a lot on a VR company you are working with. If the company assigns a mobile UX/UI designer to work on your project – watch out. Sometimes it is a better decision to assign an external designer with experience. It is also a good practice for customers to deliver ready 3d-models for development or at least 2d-models that can be refined and adapted for VR and AR. One of the most complex applications that can be built with VR/AR technology is the MMORPG.

Our team will offer you possible solutions and assist you in developing the right software that will help your company grow exponentially, boost client satisfaction, and drive bigger revenue. Still, the average hourly rates vary in different companies, and they can be higher. It is essential to check the rates with the company before you start hiring their team. Ciklum is known for building solutions that have proven market value and for enhancing digitally immature products. In addition to their exceptional tech expertise, they also offer robust digital consulting services aligned to each specific business goal. IBA Group seamlessly delivers the most advanced and progressive software solutions while applying its diverse skills and expertise.

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