Bullish Kicking Pattern

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There is insufficient data to determine the best setup for the crypto and forex markets. The kicker pattern is one of the most powerful signals available to technical analysts. Its relevance is magnified when it occurs in overbought or oversold markets. The two candles behind the pattern take on visible significance.

bullish kicker pattern

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The overall performance 10 days after the breakout is 96, probably due to the dearth of samples. The first-day candlestick is a red marubozu followed by a gap into a bullish marubozu. There is no trend requirement for the kicking candlestick patterns, so we’ve fulfilled all the requirements for a valid pattern. The kicker candlestick pattern , is a two candle bullish and bearish reversal pattern. It is a strong sign of the reversal of who is currently in control of the instrument you are trading.

Bullish Kicker Candlestick Pattern – (Trading Strategy and Backtest | Definition & Meaning)

To mitigate this potential issue, you could demand that the pattern consists of bigger candles, and performs a bigger gap. That way you might succeed to rule out a couple of those false signals. As we said, a bullish kicker isn’t dependent on the current trend of the market. However, it tells a slightly different story depending on if it’s preceded by an uptrend or a downtrend. The bullish kicker is a momentum signal and can also signal a reversal in a down move in price. The starting price of the second candlestick is below the bullish Maruboze closing price.

Nonetheless, being caught in a reversal is what most traders fear. As you might expect, its characteristics are the exact opposite of the bullish variety and hints at a potential reversal of an uptrend. However, it is also a highly reliable reversal signal that traders recognise, especially both professional and veteran traders, who will quickly react to advantage. The retail forex trader would be wise to react quickly, and then jump on the trend to come. This chart is an example of the preferred setup for the bullish kicking candlestick pattern, that of a bearish retracement in an upward price trend.

The gap and big bearish candlestick that makes up a bearish kicker could easily inflate the ADX reading, and give us too few trades . On Neck Candlestick Pattern IllustrationThe on neck candlestick pattern and the bullish counterattack get confused often. Both candlestick patterns occur in a downtrend, but the on neck is a continuation pattern, whereas the bullish counterattack is a reversal. Using the bearish kicking candle, one can predict the onset of a bearish trend. The candlestick can also act as a trend continuation indicator. It’s a reasonably rare pattern occurring within the charts, however it’s probably the most reliable with regards to market reversal signals.


The exhaustion gap is found more frequently in the market when compared to the kicker pattern. We place a stop-loss order right below the last candle of the previous trading day. This stop-loss order protects us from any sudden price moves against our trade. A reversal is any time a sign that the trend direction of an asset is changing. Being able to spot the potential for a reversal tells a trader that they should exit their trade when market conditions no longer seem favorable. On the first day, we see the bearish marubozu candle with an insignificant lower shadow.

Knowing this, we might want to build a trading strategy that only takes a trade if the market comes from an up-swing, and exclude trades where the market is falling already. They aren’t meant for live trading, but to show how you could go about when exploring the markets and building a trading strategy. The natural consequence of this, is that a volatile market environment might produce more false signals than a less volatile one.

In the case of the above graphic, the https://forexanalytics.info/ was very strong, creating a long-lasting upward trend over three weeks. Its rareness and high probability for success is what drives the quick reversal. Quick recognition is necessary or you might be trampled over by the volatile upswing. It took a few centuries to reach the West, but today, candlesticks proliferate every trading platform around the globe, and their popularity now exceeds all other forms. Above is a 1-minute chart of Pandora Media from Aug 30, 2016. The image illustrates a bearish kicker candlestick pattern, which developed after an impulsive uptrend.

Psychology of Bullish Kicking Pattern

Watch the candle pattern to understand the psychology of traders who trade at the ends of the chart. Numerous methods are used by large traders to deceive retail traders. Institutional traders typically triumph most of the time. To improve your chances, it is preferable to trade with bigger institutions. Because a lot of small-scale traders lose out on the market.


We can say that this formation basically consists of aBlack Marabozufollowed by aWhite Marabozu. Even if a bearish kicker isn’t that concerned with the trend of the market, it tells a slightly different story depending on if you spot it after a downtrend, or an uptrend. An important note is there is no overlap of the two candlesticks and no attempt for the red candle to seek out a higher price point.

Trading the Evening Star candlestick pattern

One accommodation in forex trading is that there are two other Marubozu forms. Besides the ‘full’ one, a modified Marubozu may have next to no wick on one end and the same for the other end. The bullish kicker candlestick pattern develops during a bearish price move.

On the primary https://day-trading.info/, we see the bearish marubozu candle with an insignificant lower shadow. The following day you may notice the Opening price of the second day of commentary is higher than the closing price of the primary day of commentary of the chart. Breakouts below the 50-trading day moving average result in the best performance — page 457.

  • You could also look at the volume for the two candles separately.
  • Spotting trending movements in a stock or other market types can be very lucrative.
  • If we did that we wouldn’t get any trades either, since the last bearish bar of the bearish kicker pattern itself will drag RSI under 80.
  • Bullish Kicker candlestick is a two candle signal, indicating a radical change in investor sentiment towards the bullish side.

Traders can use the bearish-kicking candlestick to predict a downward trend. Market bullishness is evident from the formation of the first candle. As the candle length increases, the bulls in the market gain strength. With a bullish kicking candle, the primary day’s negative candle is a sign that bears are totally on top of things.

This pattern consists firstly of a black Marubozu and then a white Marubozu. After the black Marubozu, the market opens above the prior session’s opening, forming a gap between the two candlesticks. On day 1, one candlestick continues an uptrend and is, therefore, bullish in nature. It has no significance on its own when formed in an uptrend. Key takeaways A morning star pattern is a bullish 3-bar reversal candlestick patternIt starts with a tall red candle,… Now, another way of using the bullish kicker, is together with the ADX.

  • The pattern is best traded as a bullish candlestick reversal, expecting a longer-term move.
  • The bullish kicking is a rare Japanese candlestick pattern that makes money in the stock market when traded as intended, according to my multiple-decade backtest.
  • In other words, the first candlestick should be in the direction of the trend followed by a gap.
  • Moving average such as the simple moving average provides equilibrium to a stock.
  • Although the second candle has a substantial lower wick, it doesn’t enter the first candle’s body.

When this happens, the abrupt change in attitude is likely due to some sudden surprise news. The larger the gap between the two candles, the more significant the signal. The longer the candles are the more dramatic the price reversal is. In this last strategy example, we only buy if there is a bullish kicker and the price is above its 10-period moving average. That way we only enter a position if the bullish kicker was strong enough to ensure that the market traded above its moving average.

Candles that open and move in the direction of current trends constitute routs, while candles that open simultaneously on the previous day qualify as reversals. Using the second candle, we can demonstrate that the uptrend has reversed into a downtrend, indicating the end of the uptrend. Double candles also indicate the occurrence of a major event that ultimately results in price drops.

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You will find that when price breaks out in the direction of the primary trend, your trades are more likely to be successful. Kicking up candlestick patterns is one of the most reliable trend signals for financial markets trading. Spotting trending movements in a stock or other market types can be very lucrative. However, being caught in a reversal is what most traders fear. Backtesting is a powerful tool used by traders to evaluate and analyze their trading strategies. By testing their strategies on historical price data, traders can gain insight into their system’s performance, identify potential flaws, and improve their strategies.

We’ve already discussed that the volatility https://forexhistory.info/s in a market could have an effect on the performance of the pattern. And to continue on that theme, we’re here demanding a low ADX value in order to enter a trade. This means that there is little volatility in the market, which could be to the advantage of the pattern.

All information is intended for Educational Purposes Only. The list of symbols included on the page is updated every 10 minutes throughout the trading day. However, new stocks are not automatically added to or re-ranked on the page until the site performs its 10-minute update. You can see a bullish kicker from the MT4 and MT5 trading software. It is also possible to import or develop a programmable script to detect the pattern.

The next day’s price opens lower, causing an immediate entry at the open at $2.90. The price then continues lower, providing profits for this data-driven trader. The bullish counterattack lines pattern should be traded as a bearish continuation in the stock market and as a bearish mean reversion in the forex market.

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